Equipment Rental

Large full colour LED Scoreboards

We can provide a range of scoreboard options for your event.

The board comes in 1.2m x 0.9m panels that can be configured and arrayed in any formation, Individually, 2X1, 1X2, 2X2 or 4x1. We have 4 of these boards that are available for immediate hire. However, with enough notice we can provide as many boards as your event require.

Simple to use scoreboard software and a laptop is provided for basic operations. Optionally, we can provide operator for more complex displays and professional co-ordination with an event director.


High visibility, outdoor clocks look great! They can display elapsed time, time of day and a count down of time to the start of an event!

Our clocks have internal high precision clocks, enabling them to be used as simple, self-contained timing devices. Alternatively, they can be linked to easy to use timing devices, to provide greater flexibility, even timing for simple events.

Speed traps

Speed trap Speed traps add excitement & a great talking point to events where competitors are passing quickly through an area with spectators, commentators and TV!

They are simple to set up with fully automatic operation. Just set up two 'light beams' an exact distance apart, and locate a clock display near by. Every time an individual racer comes past on their bike, car, skiis or running, their speed flashes up on the board.

Public address

Wireless mics We have public address options that can range from six 125W speakers with 2 radio mics music from iPod or Laptop, to a single speaker with a wired Microphone for spruking your wears. Speak to us to get the system that is right for your event.

General event infrastructure

Generators, tents, tables & chairs are available for hire, typically for finish areas, registration & smaller areas, where hire from a large supplier is not practical.

Where you need a package of equipment for your event, talk to us.